Cheat Sheets
Cheat Sheets
Even an artist needs one from time to time!
Check out some of our artists
and see how they took that extra step in order to become experts in test automation.
You think you can match them?
follow these steps for your perfect dependencies set-up
Mockito Cheat Sheet
Junit 5
every test automation suite needs to have strong foundations
Junit 5 Cheat Sheet
even if you are assertive, this will level up your game
Assertj Cheat Sheet
Spring Test
solidify your amazing Spring Boot apps with an arsenal of IT's.
Spring Test Cheat Sheet
Legacy Code Testing
do not get crippled by your legacy code.. own it with these rules and tools
Legacy Code Testing Cheat Sheet
Do donts
Yoda once told me about these.. he seemed to be quite emotional about it
Dos and Donts of automated testing